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Threadwinder.info - Thread/Yarn Containers Hung from Wrist or Arm

Various thread and yarn containers, all with handles for hanging from one's wrist or arm.
BACK ROW, Left to Right: basketry thread & yarn containers (basketry containers were made for 1930s-1950s tourists by Native Americans), enameled 1950s tin yarn container, 1950s plaid vinyl one, c1940 cardboard one -- hand-covered with fabric;
CENTER ROW, Left to Right: 3 c1940s British plastic yarn/thread containers, c1960s plastic yarn/thread container, 2 c1950s Hommer Mfg. Co. plastic yarn/thread containers, the last with molded kittens on top;
FRONT Row: late Victorian - Edwardian (c1880-1910) sterling silver threadcontainer on bangle bracelet, Mauchlin ware -- wooden thread container with decoupaged flowers -- notice small holes to accomodate ribbon for handle.
          Hanging Thread/Yarn Containers