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I have so many publications on collectible textile tools & notions that I decided to categorize them. Because of their contents, some of the books are listed in multiple categories.

Publications on Textile Preparation Tools: Spinning, Weaving, Dying, & Darning

Publications on Threadwork Tools: Crocheting, Knitting, Laceworking, Tatting, Netting...

Publications on Needlework Tools: Needles, Pins, Pincushions, Scissors, Measures, Thimbles, Hoops...

Publications on Sewing Machines

Publications on Clothing-making & Laundry Tools: Sewing Patterns, Dress-Making Devices, Manequins, & Laundry

Publications on Notions: Buttons, Buckles, Threads/Yarns, Snaps/Hooks & Eyes, ...

Publications on Industrial Textile Tools: Tools & Mills

Publications on Textile Bibliographies: Bibliographies or Publications Containing Extensive Bibliographies of Textile Tools Books