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British Children's Prayer by special permission of Bundles for Britain, Inc., Song for Voice & Piano by Jacques Wolf, 1942, G. Schirmer, Inc., NY.
I Didnít Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier Lyrics: Alfred Bryan, music: Al Plantados, 1940, Leo. Feist, NY.
I'm Knitting a Singlet for Cecil words & music: R.M. McLeish, 1938, Cinephone Music Co., Ltd., London, UK & D.Davis Co. Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia.
In My Arms by: Frank Loesser & Ted Grouya, 1943, Saunders Publications, Hollywood, CA.
Knit One Purl Two composer: Dick Jurgens, writers: Ronnie Kemper, Dick Jurgens & Al Lewis, 1940, Miller Music, NY.
Knit One Purl Two words & music: Flossy Frills & Ben Lorre, edited by: Glenn Miller, 1942, Music Products, Inc, NY.
Knitting words & music: Harry Taylor, Featured by 'Tiny' Douglas & his Band, 1940, Francis, Day & Hunter, Ltd., Sydney, Australia.
Mister Jim by Albert Hay Malotte, 1944, G. Schirmer Inc., NY.
Look Sweeter In A Sweater words & music: Buddy Kaye, Nat Mesh & Howard Steiner, 1945, Brooklyn Knitwear, Inc., NY.
Look Sweeter In A Sweater (Calypso Version) words & music: Buddy Kaye, Nat Mesh & Sam Medoff, 1945, Nat Mesh, NY.
Pick Up Your Knitting   The Bundles for Britain Song, D. Dudley Brill & Norman R. Finch, cover artist: Bradshaw Crandel, 1941, Mills Music Inc., NY.
The Pretty Little Mitt That Kitty Knit words & Music: Jimmy Coulter, 1940, Jimmy Coulter, Hamilton, Canada.
Since Kitten's Knittin' Mittens (for the Army) words: Jack Meskill, music: Ernie Burnett, 1941, Shapiro Bernstein & Co., Inc. Pub, NY.
Stick to your Knittin' Kitten lyric: Wanda Faulknere, music: Vic Mizzy; 1942 & 1943, Santly-Joy Inc., NYC.
Spinning Song No.990 "edited edition" by Albert Ellmenreich; n.d., Century Music Publishing Co., NY.
Spinning Song Op.14, No.4 by Albert Ellmenreich; 1940, Art Publication Society, St.Louis, Mo.
Tend to Your Knitting words & music: Bernie Bierman & Jack Manus, 1944, Colonial Music Pub. Co., NYC.
The "V" Song     ***- 'V' for Victory   Official Song of Bundles for Britain, by Saxie Dowell & Bill Livingston, 1939, Dash, Connelly, Inc., NY.