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Tape looms are just one small subset of types of weaving looms. They include simple heddle types (often referred to as lap looms), inkle looms, and box looms. On 27-28 September 2014, I took Susan Weaver's (of Warp Seed Weaving Studio in Lancaster, PA) Pennsylvania Dutch Tape Weaving class at Mannings Handweaving School (http://www.the-mannings.com/) in East Berlin, PA; and used the 18th-century-reproduction box loom that my husband gave me for our anniversary (made by Paul Parish of By My Hands Enterprises -- gizzard48@verizon.net).

Below are pictures from my collection, of simple heddle looms (2 antiques on left and a modern one on right -- there are some simple heddle looms with much more elaborate decorations than mine),
of a modern 18th century-reproduction box loom, and a modern inkle loom.

Simple Heddle Lap Looms Box Looms Inkle Loom