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More information/pictures to be added soon... Fossil Rock Camp Ground Mazon Creek Fossil site

Fossil hunting on VA, MD, NC, FL, Nova Scotia, & UK (Charmouth, Isle of Wight, Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay) beaches; finding fossil sharks teeth, water mammal vertebrae, corals, crab-casts, belemnites (related to squids) and mollusk shells.

Fossil hunting at streams, spillways, road cuts, railway cuts, defunct road-side quarries in VA, WVA, PA, OH, IL, & TN finding trilobites, corals, brachiopods (look similar to clam shells), mollusk shells, and plant imprints. One can also dig in a refuse pile from the Aurora Quarry in front of the Aurora Fossil Museum, Aurora, NC. My husband and I also got a couple opportunities to hunt in Martin-Marietta�s Belgrade Quarry in Belgrade NC. We dug into a hillock containing ancient beaches with fossil sharks teeth, mollusks, and occasional land vertebrates. Many of the Mid-Atlantic sites were found thanks to Jasper Burns� Fossil Collecting in the Mid-Atlantic States.