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Freeform is a style of art, and can apply to many art-forms. In textiles it refers to something that is made without a pattern and frequently is made of small bits or "scrumbles", which are often connected after all of the scrumbles are completed, but can be connected as one progresses. Here is a selection of publications on the topic: mostly crochet and knitting freeform, but includes a small selection of embroidery, beading, weaving, and quilting books. Crazy quilting is a early form of quilting/embroidery freeform; and some people refer to Irish Crochet as the first freeform technique. Indeed, Irish Crochet does share many of the same characteristics of freeform crochet, however I will be listing publications for those artforms under quilting and crochet, respectively.

---. Creating Texture with a Hook (1983 pamphlet) N.C.S., Ltd., Wakefield, UK; includes crochet work by Cosh & Walters.

---. FiberArts Design Book   The Best of Contemporary Weaving * Needlework * Wearables * Quilting * Surface Design * Papermaking * Basketry * Felting (1980) FiberArts, Asheville, NC; ISBN 0-937274-00-3 (hrdcvr), ISB 0-937274-0101 (soft cvr); Soft sculptures & clothing in numerous freeform fiber techinique.

Atkins, Robin. Beaded Treasures   Finger Woven Bracelets, Necklaces, Tassels & Straps (2006) Tiger Press.

Basford, Kathleen & Turner, Pauline. The Appeal of Crochet (1992) Pauline Turner/Crochet Design; ISBN 1-874080-95-X.

Beverley, Deena. Freeform Embroidery:   200 Questions Answered on Everything from Basic Stitches to Finishing Touches.

Bloecher, Edith. Freeform Embroidery -- Technique.

Bolton, Patricia. "Let Out Your Inner Animal - Freeform Fabric Collage" Quilting Arts.

Bryant, Laura Militzer. Freeform Knitting Book #9 (1996) Prism Yarns.

Calder, Louisa & Konior, Mary. Louisa Calder’s Creative Crochet (1979) Penguin Books, NY; ISBN 0 14046 3704; Lots of nice, mostly geometric, colorful items.

Cook, Jeannette. Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork   A Sculptural Peyote Projects Primer (1996) Beady Eyed Women Enterprises, San Diego, CA; No ISBN in 1996 edition); How-to inside book, inspiration on the covers.

Cook, Jeannette & Star, Vicki. Beading with Peyote Stitch (2000) Interweave Press, Loveland, CO; ISBN 1-883010-71-3; Much inspiration and how-to.

Cosh, Sylvia with Walters, James. The Crochet Sweater Book (1987-2nd impr) Dorling Kindersley Publishers, Ltd., London, UK; ISBN 0-86318-201-1; Lots of beautiful sweaters & how-to information, using a variety of textured techniques, not all freeform.

Cosh, Sylvia & Walters, James. The Crochet Workbook (1989) Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, NY; ISBN-13: 978-0-486-49621-4 & ISBN-10: 0-486-49621-X; Lots of design & how-to information.

Crone-Findlay, Noreen. Creative Crocheted Dolls   50 Whimsical Designs (2004) Krause Publications, Iola, WI; Lovely, imaginative, freeform dolls with how-to information.

Dale, Julie Schafler. Art to Wear (1986) Abbeville Press, NY; (1987) Popyläen Verlag, Berlin, Germany; Enormous, gorgeous, inspirational book of freeform art clothing featuring many artists; not a how-to book.

Dittrick, Mark (editor with 8 designers). Design Crochet (1978), Hawthorn Books, Inc., NY; ISBN 0-8015-2019-3; Eight designers & their patterns, varying use of freeform.

Dittrick, Mark. Hard Crochet (1978) Hawthorn Books, Inc., NY; ISBN 0-8015-3279-5(HB), ISBN 0-8015-3280-9(pbk); Great designs, but only a couple of freeform creations; good how-to information not easily found elsewhere.

Dowde, Jenny. Freeform Knitting & Crochet (2004) Sally Milner Publishing, Boral, NSW, Australia; ISBN 1 86351 3272; How-to & design.

Dowde, Jenny. Freeformations: Design & Projects in Knitting & Crochet (2006) Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd., Bowrad, NSW, Australia; ISBN 978 1 86351 358 6 & ISBN 1 86351 358 2; Basic design & how-to information.

Dowde, Jenny. Surface Works (2008) Milner Publishing.

Edson, Nicki Hitz & Stimmel, Arlene. Creative Crochet (1973, 1975) Watson-Guptill Publications, NY; ISBN 0-273-00413-1; Basic how-to, some design, mostly inspiration.

Feldman, Del Pitt. Crochet Discovery & Design (1972) Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, NY; ISBN 0-385-05133-6; Some how-to & design; mostly inspiration.

Feldman, Del Pitt. The Crocheter’s Art New Dimensions in Free-form Crochet (1975) Thomas Nelson & Sons, Ltd., London, UK (pub in US in 1972); ISBN 0 17 149036 3; Some basic how-to, mostly 3-D inspirations.

Gilbert, Beverly Ash. Beaded Colorways Creating Freeform Beadweaving Projects & Palettes (2009) North Light Books, Cincinnati, OH; ISBN 978-1-60061-318-0(pbk); How-to & inspirations.

Griffiths, Melody. Beautiful Crochet for Heads, Hands & Toes (2008) New Holland Publishers, London, Cape Town, Sydney & Auckland; ISBN 978-1-84773-353-5; Beautiful designs, a few of them freeform.

Horrox, Jan. Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls (2010) Search Press Ltd., Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK; ISBN 978-1-84448-458-4; Exceptional humanoid doll-making with freeform sewing & embroidery clothing & hair.

Hubert, Margaret. First Time Freeform Crochet (2003 pbk).

Hubert. Margaret. Hooked Hats (2006) Creative Publishing International, Chanhassen, Minnesota; ISBN 1-58923-256-9(SB); Lovely hats, although has a section on embellishment, not really freeform.

Hubert, Margaret. Learn to Free-Form Crochet Annie’s Attic.

Hubert, Margaret. Plus-Size Cardis to Crochet – has freeform embellishment on cover .

Jacopetti, Alexandra. Native Funk & Flash   An Emerging Folk Art (1974) Scrimshaw Press; ISBN 0-912020-17-7 & ISBN 0-912020-38-3(pbk) Mostly embroidery & applique, but includes some other techniques, including crochet.

Jensen, Candi. Knitting Loves Crochet.

Jo, Misao & Kenzo. Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving Japan; A basic text on Japanese freestyle Saori weaving and clothing construction, in English.

Jordan, Helen (of UK). Textured Crochet (2007) St.Martin’s Griffin, NY. Not a freeform book, but details numerous stitches appropriate for freeform work.

Kirkpatrick, Renate. Freeform Crochet & Beyond: Bags, Cushions, Hats, Scarves & More (2008-2015) Milner Craft Series, Australia; ISBN 9781 863513852 (pbk); Excellent how-to book, including inspiration and a little weaving. British/Aussie notation, but translated to American notation.

Leinhauser, Jean & Weiss, Rita. Crochet Master Class (2010) Potter Craft, NY; ISBN 978-0-307-58653-7; Designs from 18 top crochet designers, a couple of them freeform.

Lewis, Cyra (editor). 60 Odd / A Fiber Odyssey (2006) IFFFG.

Lewis, Cyra (editor). Earth, Air, Water, Fire – Tree of Life / Tree of Peace (2007) IFFFG.

Lewis, Cyra (editor). Four Seasons (2009) IFFFG.

Lewis, Cyra (editor). Inspired! Music & Art in Fiber (2012) IFFFG.

Lewis, Cyra (editor). Mother Earth (2013) IFFFG.

Lewis, Cyra (editor). Mythologies, Stories, Fairy Tales (2011) IFFFG.

Lewis, Cyra (editor). Ocean The Color of Water (2015) IFFFG; An art/inspirational book; includes my contribution.

Lewis, Cyra (editor). One Color (2014) IFFFG; An art/inspirational book..

Lewis, Cyra (editor). Somewhere in My World (2010) IFFFG.

Lewis, Cyra (editor). Through Our Eyes (2008) IFFFG.

MacKenzie, Clinton D. New Design in Crochet (1972) Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, NY; ISBN not found; Basic how-to's, mostly inspirations.

Mapstone, Prudence. Bullions & Beyond (2005).

Mapstone, Prudence & IFFCG members. Coat of Many Scrumbles (2007) Prudence Mapstone, Brisbane, Australia; ISBN 978-0-9580443-4-9; inspirational art book, individually depicting contributed scumbles & their artist's inspirations for making them.

Mapstone, Prudence. Freeform: Serendipitous Design Techniques for Knitting & Crochet (2002) Prudence Mapstone, Brisbane, Australia; ISBN 0-9580443-0-9; Inspirations, color guidance, fabrication, & scrumble patterns.

Mapstone, Prudence. Never Too Many Handbags (2005) ISBN 0-9580443-2-5.

Matthiessen, Barbara. Small Loom & Freeform Weaving: Five Ways to Weave.

Meech, Sandra. Creative Quilts   Inspiration, Texture & Stitch (2006) Batsford, ISBN 97807 13490060.

Messent, Jan. Have You Any Wool (1986) Search Press, Ltd., Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK; ISBN 0-85532-584-4(SB); Basic how-to, some design, great inspiration.

Messent, Jan. Wool’n Magic (1989) Search Press Ltd., Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK; ISBN 0 85532 614 X; Lots of design information.

Morrow, Susan & Dittrick, Mark. Contemporary Crochet (1972) Lancer Books, Inc., NY; Design, how-to, & inspiration; not all are freeform.

Myers, Poochie. Knit Like Crazy (1993) ISBN: 1-881571-04-1.

Nieuwhoff, Constance. Anders. Breien en Haken (Dutch: Alternative Knitting & Crochet 1976) Zomer & Keuning Boeken B.V., Wageningen; ISBN 90-210-2072-6. .

Paludan, Lis. Fri Haekling (Danish: Free Crochet 1980) Borgens Forlag; (1980-Dutch edition) Zomer & Keuning Boeken by, Ede, Holland; ISBN 87-418-2863-5.

Raffino, Jonelle & Mapstone, Prudence. Freeform Style (2009) North Light Books, Cincinnati, OH; ISBN 978-1-60061-138-4; How-to, design & inspirational fashions.

Sommer, Elyse & Mike? Inventive Fibre Crafts .

Sommer, Elyse & Mike. A New Look at Crochet Using Basic Stitches to Create Modern Designs (1975) Crown Publishers, Inc., NY; ISBN 0-517-51607-1(HB) & ISBN 0-517-51608-X(SB); Some basic-how-to & design, mostly inspiration.

Sommer, Elyse & Mike. Wearable Crafts (1976) Crown Publishers, NY; ISBN 0-517-52395-7 & ISBN 0-517-52518-7(SB).

Star, Vicki & Cook, Jeannette. Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite beadwork   A Peyote Stitch Primer (1994-1996) Beady Eyed Women Enterprises, San Diego, CA; ISBN 1-889789-01-1; How-to inside book & inspiration on covers.

Stearns, Ann. The Batsford Book of Crochet (1981, reprinted 1987-PB) B.T. Batsford Ltd., London, UK; ISBN 0 7134 33132; I love this book...lots of how-to, design & inspiration.

Ventre, Mary Tibbals. Crochet   A Basic Manual for Creative Construction (1974) Little, Brown & Co., no ISBN listed.

Walters, James & Cosh, Sylvia. Crochet: An Octopus book .

Walters, James (patterns by Sylvia Cosh). Crochet Patterns (1978) Macdonald & James Publishers, Ltd., UK; ISBN 0-354-08534-4.

Walters, James. Crochet Workshop (1979, 1983) Sidgwick & Jackson, London; ISBN 0 283 98396 5 (cloth), ISBN 0 283 98408 2 - (paper); Lots of technique & how-to's.

Williams, Karen. Explorations in Freeform Beading: Designing Original Art Jewelry & Beyond (2014) Skunk Hill Studios, Seattle, WA; ISBN-10: 0692244549; Inspiration, design & some how-to.

Williams, Karen. Freeform Peyote Beading: Design & Creation of Original Wearable Art Jewelry (2010) Skunk Hill Studios, Seattle, WA; ISBN-10: 144998052X; Inspiration & how-to.

Wood, Myra. Crazy Lace   An Artistic Approach to Creative Lace & Knitting (2009) Woodworks Editions.

Wood, Myra. Creative Crochet Lace A Freeform Look at Classic Crochet (2007-2008) A Woodworks Editions Book, Sherman Oaks, CA; ISBN-13:978-0-9800182-9-5 & ISBN-10: 0-9800182-9-3; Elegant clothing, inspirational & how-to.